Every single day we make promises. It’s hard to keep track of how many we break. The sad part is that we usually keep the promises we make to others, but at the same time, we are inept in keeping those we make to ourselves.

Quite commonly, we fail, and that’s completely alright – some say this is the fastest way to get from point A to point B. The main point is to pick yourself up and try again. We really like making plans, setting goals and writing ambitious to-do lists. The problem is found in sticking to those plans. Soon, the tasks on our lists become overdue, and we begin feeling like failures.

Big Lists and Small Lists

Not long ago, I was killing myself trying to complete tons of tasks planned for each weekday. I managed to complete my to-do lists on most days, but it was really difficult and I felt stressed all the time. I felt as though there were not enough hours in the day, and I was already working extra hours! One day, I finally realised that the problem was in my lists – they were way too long.

Before this epiphany, I was making to-do lists for every day of the upcoming week – 7 tasks per day – and I felt miserable. Now, I only plan 3 tasks for each day and I promise myself that I will complete them. If there is time left, I use it to read and to enjoy my free time. I no longer feel stressed. I welcome every email that I receive, and there is no rush in my schedule; nonetheless, I feel a strong sense of accomplishment every day. Life is simple.

Restoring Simplicity

If you want to feel good about yourself every day, start by revising your plans wisely and really sticking to them. Whatever system you create for yourself, you have to be able to trust it completely. Only then will you focus completely on the task at hand. If you can, schedule all time-sensitive tasks at least one day before their deadlines. This will help you to remain calm even if something goes wrong.

Once all the tasks are complete, you may be tempted to complete extra work. Don’t do it. You have to change your thinking patterns. Once your to-do list is done, simply relax or do something new and exciting. Life is an exploration, so go and explore the world.

Never-ending Rat Race

I had many doubts before I decided to “take it easy”. What if my competition works harder? What if I stay behind? What if I lose the race? I realised that no matter how hard you work, there will always be somebody working harder than you do. I also realised that life is not about working harder, but about enjoying every minute of it.

I would rather execute only part of my business ideas with passion and enjoyment, rather than without. I wish you the same because you are only a winner when you are happy.

How about you? Do you have a system in place that works well? Please comment below. I would like to know about your successful time management experiences.