A well-known trusted brand can be all a business will ever need to be successful. Once it penetrates the public consciousness, people will be more likely to purchase that business’ products or make use of its services. They will make the immediate association of quality whenever they see that brand, inspiring loyalty that will last a long time. Therefore, businesses need to build their brand if they expect to have any meaningful impact on the market they’re in.

Search engine optimization (SEO) works in junction with brand building because its goals coincide with the effects of having a brand. The purpose of SEO is to make a website rank higher, and one way it does that is through building a website’s credibility through plenty of backlinks. Having a brand is pretty much having enough credibility through providing great content that other websites will link back to one website.

SEO and Social Media

Social media is one of the biggest factors in determining a website’s ranking on a majority of search engines. The number of Facebook Shares, Twitter links, Google +1s, etc. are all considered, so businesses need to leverage such social platforms. Building a brand requires reaching a wide audience, and the billions of people on social media is as big an audience businesses can get.

Building Relationships

The approach for SEO in social media is through engaging users in a dialogue. People use social media to share interests and experiences with the connections they’ve made. Therefore, businesses need to provide content through their social media accounts that caters to their audiences’needs and wants, while giving them a voice to express their opinions and answering them.

It is not just about creating content that promotes their products/services, nor is it just posting updates without listening to feedback. By directly interacting with people, businesses will also make some personal connection with their brand to their audience, who will eventually share their experiences with a particular business to their own networks.


Effectively Managing Social Media

Approaching social media also requires knowing which platforms should be used to make the branding campaign more efficient. Although Facebook and Twitter can be seen as indispensible platforms for most businesses due to their incredibly high populations and the traffic they generate, not all businesses need to make accounts for those websites.

If a business only needs to make short and quick updates for its target market, just having an official Twitter account will be sufficient. If a business believes it needs multiple social platforms to work with, then it must be able to track every Post, Tweet, upload, or any other form of feedback, as every one of those will reflect on its brand. People expect consistency when it comes to brands so the underlying message should be the same across the board.


Social media is one of the most effective ways in building a brand, establishing strong connections with people in an instant and widespread manner while also spreading awareness through social shares and higher search engine rankings. Therefore, it requires a much more focused method of management to make sure these bonds are made, maintained and multiplied.