I have always seen myself as a competitive type of person. This attitude took me from where I am today – The SEO (search engine optimization) Industry. My SEO adventure started June of 2011 with an SEO Sydney company but I am no stranger to SEO because I have tried to work on entertainment blogs for the sake of earning few dollars online – I enjoyed this SEO experience and started to learn more from it by reading articles and attending seminars.

To further improve my skills and ability I joined an experiment on how to rank with optimizing on-site factors only.

The Challenge

We we’re assigned to create a blogger account, wherein the targeted keyword to be optimized is “seo strategies Philippines” for Google PH. I found it hard at first, but my interest was the real key that made me learn more about on-site optimization and at the same time drive me to start blogging again.

The Process

I have my log listed on my experimental blog and here is the summary of changes I made.

  1. Setup Title tag and Description (Edits based on competitors on Google Results Page)
  2. Created a Sitemap
  3. Submitted Sitemap on Google Webmaster Tool
  4. Installed Analytics
  5. Installed Google Authorship Markup
  6. Changed Geographic Target from US to PH

I have managed to shape my experimental blog’s online presence for a short period of time, and I definitely consider that as an accomplishment, including all the things I have learnt along the process.

What I have learned from this experiment

  1. Being Good at Basics Really Matters – Making “advanced strategies” in getting your links is cool, but too much of the advance puts you up to no good if your basics don’t play well.
  2. Focus on Your Goal – Too much planning with no equivalent actions without thinking what your goal is will put all of your efforts to waste. Stick to your goal and it’s best to play it slowly but surely.
  3. Authorship is a Game Changer – I do believe that authorship will play a great role in the future. It is one of the main factors how my experimental blog topped the results page for the target keyword. See Virante’s  “What is Author Rank, How is it calculated, and Why should We Care?” Video below.

What I Recommend You to Do

After the experiment I have learned a lot of new things. Here are some few tips for you to do:

Claim Authorship for Your Blog – Implement authorship markup on your blog(s) and on every guest post you’ve done.  This will increase your reputation as content creator and get credited for each post you write.

Produce Great Content – It is important to make content that is both engaging and informative. Don’t forget to create a post that compels the reader to share your content.

Guest Blog Once in a While – Build relationship with bloggers in your industry and write for them for branding purposes. Update your list of Contributions in your Google Plus Profile just like mine.

Be Active on Google+ – Engagements will always be important. Leave valuable comments; add credibility by engaging in meaningful discussions in your industry on Google+ and other social platforms.

I believe that SEO is one of the most challenging jobs in the Internet industry; you’ll get drowned with all the updates and interesting articles that shows up every time. You can read all of them but make sure you act on them as well. Do experiments and see how far it goes, track and measure your success.

Have you done some experiments lately? Please share it with us I’d love to see what you guys are cooking.