When it comes to creating a blog, most experts would advise creating amazing content. Great content spurs attention. Do it often enough and you may have a good list of readers and subscribers. As more people read your piece, they may share your content among their circles or choose to link to your website. You get more attention as your credibility soars and you see your website rise through the ranks of search engine results. It all sounds good and this is what bloggers aim for. However, oftentimes, the problem is defining what makes a content good enough. How do you know for sure that it is a problem with the content and not in another area?

Although most experts would emphasize the importance of creating good content, chances are they have no clear cut way of defining what makes it good or bad. Quality is subjective. You may have your family and friends following your blog but most may not be willing to give some constructive criticism on what you need to improve on. The following are a few common issues and tips on how you can improve.

1. Boring Title

The title of the article is often the first and only thing a reader sees. Short, snappy titles can help grab their attention but it should also set the tone or give them an idea of what they are about to read. The right keywords in your title can also be used as the anchor text for links so keep that in mind when writing your title.

2. Poor Design or Layout

When you think about content, most people think it has something to do with the way the article was written or presented. You would not automatically assume that the design and layout of the website would affect how people would react to the article but it does. Think of it as part of the presentation. Websites that have a white background, a good clean layout and nice interface look professional. It adds to the level of credibility and people tend to trust bloggers who have such websites.

3. Making the Article Too Long

The use of social media channels have made it easier to share content and get in touch with people from all parts of the globe. However, it has also helped shorten the attention span of people. Long articles can still work if they are organized properly but if you can make it short and sweet the better for you and your website.

4. Choice of Topic

There are certain topics that tend to be popular with readers such as television shows and celebrities. Try to write about something that is current and that people are talking about. It might generate a few clicks on your website.

5. Find an Angle

If you are writing about a topic that has been done before, try presenting it from a different angle. Say your opinion, make people think or create controversy. Write an article that would make it worth their while.

6. No Unique Voice

It is hard to establish your blog as something different and unique if you do not have people reading it. Keep writing and improving your skills until you find your voice.

7. Too much SEO

You are not writing a corporate blog or designing an ecommerce website. Think of writing quality content without worrying about the SEO aspect yet. SEO cannot make your blog popular on its own.

8. Clarity

Have a clear direction of where your article is heading or what it is trying to say. The blogosphere may offer limitless freedom on what you can write about but it does not mean it would be popular. If people are finding it difficult to understand the gist of your article, chances are you will not be seeing them again.

9. Too much self-promotion

In the past, blogs resembled a lot like entries in a diary. Avoid talking too much about yourself. Talk about somebody else for a change and offer information that could help them out.

10. No Connections

It is hard to garner attention if you are doing it alone. Find people who are talking about the same topic as you do and connect with them. Read their posts, comment and leave a link to your blog. Making a few friends can help you get attention.

5 Additional Tips To Improve Your Blog Posts

1. Write for yourself first

There is no way of knowing what people like to see when they read blogs. As such, do not try to please everybody or anybody else for that matter. Start by writing to please yourself. Eventually you will find people who may share the same perspective as you do.

2. Read lots of books

Reading more books will help you generate ideas for your next posts. Grab a book on copywriting to see which areas you need to improve on.

3. Practice writing

Make it a habit to write at least 500-1000words a day for at least 15days. This will help improve your writing.

4. Spend time on each article

There are writers who can produce articles in less than 15 minutes but it does not automatically mean that they produce great work. Always produce work that you can be proud of showing off.

5. Try writing different types of posts

Articles that tend to generate a lot of traffic include covering news, creating tutorials and writing tips or lists. Try your hand at each type of article and see what works for you and your readers.