A guest blog is a piece of content that is posted on another person’s blog. There are many benefits to providing a guest post. Bloggers see it as a great way to optimize both the author’s and the publisher’s websites. One of the key advantages to writing a guest post is that it allows the author to reach a new group of readers and potential followers. Submitting a guest post helps establish the author as a person of authority in the industry or community.

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Although guest blogging is a common practice, bloggers tend to make mistakes that diminish their chances of being invited as a guest blogger. Here are a few tips and techniques to help improve your chances.

Guest Blogging Secrets and Strategies

Pick medium-sized blogs

A lot of bloggers tend to go for the larger and more popular blogs to generate more traffic to their blogs. There is nothing wrong with writing for such blogs although the size and popularity is not always an indication of amount of interaction within the community. Instead, look for medium-sized blogs where people offer useful comments and insights. These are the types of readers that are willing to follow your blog and help you improve as a blogger.

Become part of the community

Leave comments on other posts and respond to comments. You also need to establish a relationship with the rest of the community. Include a link to the guest post you made and encourage your readers to check out the site. The added help and traffic to the publisher’s blog will encourage the publisher to invite you to do guest posts in the future.


It takes time for bloggers to be recognized as an authority in the industry, even with the help of guest blogs. Some take years before they can establish a name and reputation. Continue to learn about the industry and produce amazing content for readers. Building a brand, whether it is for personal or for corporate reasons, requires commitment and it starts from day one.

Guest Posting Errors to Avoid

Lack of a specific goal

Bloggers have different reasons for submitting guest posts. There are those are trying to rank for a specific set of keywords. Some are looking for a new market to target. The objective can affect the overall strategy and the type of blogs that you need to look for.

Looking at the wrong blogs

Defining your goals and plan of attack will help you find the right blogs you need to pursue. This requires a bit of time and effort in researching possible blogs. For instance, if you are looking to rank for a set of keywords, you will need to identify blogs that can rank for those set of keywords.

Not keeping any records

Keep track of blogs that you have contacted or intend to contact in the future. Indicate the status of your communication or relationship with each entry such as if the publisher is waiting for the article, the article has been sent or already published. This prevents you from resending applications to the same blog or publisher. A detailed record can also show what the guidelines are for that particular blog, making it easier to see what you need to do or include for each post.

Being careless

Simple mistakes such as referring to the publisher as the blog manager, not following article guidelines and using the wrong writing tone can be avoided if you take the time to research more carefully. Consider the guest post as a job application. As such, you need to make a good impression to get the publisher to publish your content and invite you in the future.

Submitting low quality posts

Always aim to produce high quality posts, especially if the post will be submitted on another blog. Most, if not all, of the readers have no idea of who you are and can only judge you by the quality of your guest post. It must be impressive enough to get the attention of both the publisher and the blog’s community and enticing enough to get them to check out your blog. Being invited to do a guest post does not guarantee that the post will be published at all. Devote some time and effort into writing the post to benefit from the endeavor.