There is no denying the importance of creating content in generating traffic. However, businesses cannot dive into the process without having a proper content strategy to give them direction. Try out these seven tips that will help make your business’ content strategy a winner.

1. Analyze your site.

Coming up with a content strategy starts with taking a good look at your very own website. Check out which pages need what kind of content and how good your existing content is doing.

  • Which ones are channeling the most traffic?
  • Which ones are getting shared in social media?

2. Analyze your audience.

Part of understanding why certain content on your website is working or not working is understanding the people you actually cater to.

  • What kind of content are they looking for?
  • What tone of writing are they comfortable with?

3. Analyze your competitors’ sites.

You will also want to see how well the competition’s content is doing.

  • What are they writing about that you’ve possibly neglected?
  • What is it about their highest viewed content that gets people clicking, commenting, sharing, etc.?

You can also make use of tools such as Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics on their sites and yours to see hard numbers based on your and your competition’s content performance.

4. Set a publishing schedule.

If you’re running a blog, you have to give your readers a reason to keep on coming back to the website. Posting regular updates will generate steady traffic to your site, but you have to make sure that you can keep it up. Having a fixed schedule for new posts will have your audience looking forward to the days when they can expect to see fresh content.

5. Consider creative content.

Written articles are not the only kind of content you can create. Colorful and stylish infographics or funny and informative videos are much easier on the eyes. They can also go viral at a much better rate.

6. Integrate images on written content.

Take advantage of people’s natural fondness for visuals by partnering simple text with unique but related pictures. They break up the monotony of reading chunks of words, and they make the information easier to digest.

7. Link internally.

Use your content as a way to get more traffic to the other pages of your website by internal linking or directing your readers with a hyperlink at the appropriate words and places. If you’re talking about a certain product on one post, link to your site’s product page to help the reader make the purchase.