The authority of your site and your brand is becoming more and more important when topping the search results in your market. And of course authority also matters when it comes to conversions. Whether your business is in online retailing or providing web-based services it’s much easier to sell products or services if your target clients or customers trust you.

In this article, there will be tips on how a small to medium-sized business can start growing their authority in their industry.

Web Design and Identity

A strong and recognizable brand has to have the ability to grab its visitor’s attention instantly, and one of the most efficient ways to be successful in this area of persuasion is through effective web design. It’s important that you constantly test your website’s design, logo and page speed

Useful Content

Create compelling and useful content that will stand as your brand’s asset. Offer free resources such as free Ebooks, Infographics, How-to’s and Video guides and host them on your website, as this will give your content a chance to get bookmarked, social shares and high possibility of keeping your visitor’s coming back to your website.

Build Trust Signals

There are lots of forms of trust signals that you can display on your website and show it to your possible clients / customers. These signals are the ones who motivates your visitor’s to check what you can offer and make them stay longer. This also helps in attracting visitors in purchasing your product or service.

Making these signals available on your landing page can boost your brand’s importance and authority in your industry.

Encourage and Drive Interactions

User generated interactions is a great signal to search engines, wherein the more interactions are occurring to a certain page, the more search engines will see the authority of that page. Create call to actions that drives and stir visitor’s interest to comment or do something you want them to do. Try to build these types of interactions on your pages and or content:

  • Blog Comments
  • Social shares (Likes, Tweets/Retweets, +1 etc…)
  • User / Product Reviews
  • Social Bookmark
  • Testimonials

Implement Snippets

Google has started to highlight content authors in their search results. Google SERP’s is consistently changing and so should your website too.  Apply schema’s rich snippets to display image and reviews on search results to attract more people on clicking it.

Snippets—the few lines of text that appear under every search result—are designed to give users a sense for what’s on the page and why it’s relevant to their query.

There are many types of microdata tags that you can use (like for products, authors, business organization, recipes and a lot more)

Psychologically, it can affect people’s behaviour as images of authors, reviews of products and images of recipes will be shown on search result pages may mean a more reliable content, which of course can lead to increase in your website’s authority.

Be Everywhere

Building your brands online presence and authority is tough but it will reward you with such high traffic once done properly. Becoming an authority on your industry means you have to be more involved in your industry. Here are some ways to do it:

Be Social

Engage people and existing influencers in your industry as well as their followers by joining their conversations and sharing your knowledge to them. Create or join existing Facebook fan pages, Google+ brand page and twitter accounts. Participate and build yourself as an authority by giving tips and advice to others.

Build conversations through social networks (Twitter, Facebook and Google+).

Be on Forums

Participating in your industry’s online community is definitely one of the best ways to do it.

Be a Speaker

Probably the best way to show influence and authority in your industry is through public speaking. Join events and trade shows, volunteer as a speaker and leave a mark that everyone will never forget – anything that moves them emotionally.


Find industry related blogs that has high readership and subscription. Contribute an article that will stir their emotion and interest. Show your expertise through your content. Traffic will flow once you’ve catch everyone’s attention.

The more people see you contributing through these channels, the more they’ll be interested to what your business is offering, see how authoritative you are and probably increase the chances of buying your products/services.

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