Having the website or blog listed on the first page of Google is what every business and blogger dreams of attaining. One of the ways of improving a website’s ranking on major search engines is by building links. Links are similar to votes. Each relevant link to the website is telling the search engines that people are valuing the content contained inside the website. As such, this makes the website more valuable and relevant to a given set of keywords. Once the company has established a trusted brand and website, it becomes easier to sell products and services to the market. Additional brand marketing techniques will be needed to continue building the brand.

Rules on Branding a Business Online

  • Know your audience

Brand building is more than producing a list of products and services and convincing people to buy or support them. Brands need to know their target market better. Understand what their needs are and find a way to communicate with them. Establishing the brand’s reputation online may involve knowing which websites they hang out and how they interact with one another. Interact and engage the audience in discussions by asking questions and replying to comments or questions posted by followers of the brand.


  • Integrate social media

Use a variety of social media outlets to help understand your target market better and get your message across. Building a brand takes time, effort and repetition. You will need to produce ads that convey a message that is consistent with the brand’s identity and repeating the process to help make the messages stick.


  • Continually monitor and measure

Not all techniques will work for your brand or company. Try a few techniques over a specific time period and then measure its effect. You may need to wait for a few months to get any results. Afterwards, you can determine whether to continue the same strategy or to consider other options.


  • Post quality content

The importance of posting great quality cannot be stressed enough, Make your brand stand out by posting content that would help or enrich the readers’ lives. Post new content regularly or update existing ones. This will encourage your readers to keep coming back to your website.


  • Develop a unique voice

It is difficult to build a brand if your audience thinks you are like other companies they have come across. Brainstorm ways to make your brand stand out from the crowd, even if you offer products and services that are similar to what other companies and websites already have.

5 Tips on How to Improve a Brand Building through Link Building / Online Marketing

1. Use Social Media Outlets

Make it easier to communicate with your target audience by opening accounts on social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter. Update your followers on any new products or services being offered by the company. Balance the content by providing information that your followers will find useful or interesting. Integrate buttons on your content that would make it easier for people to share your content online.

2. Get Listed on Local Maps

Whether you are targeting the local or international market, it is important to get your business listed on maps and directories such as Yelp, FourSquare and Google Places. This will make it easier for people to find your store or company.

3. Add Images and Videos

Provide variety to your website’s content by adding images and videos that your readers will find interesting. Post alternative types of content on media sharing sites such as Youtube and Pinterest and add a link to the brand website. Other than help with the link building, this will also garner additional traffic to the website itself.

4. Submit Guest Posts

Contribute content on other websites that are within the same niche as yours. This is one way of establishing new contacts and relationships as well as helping you build your brand online.

5. Fill up Profiles on Web 2.0 Websites

Building a brand’s visibility involves having high-authority websites link up to the company website. Utilize web 2.0 websites that allow you to post a link on your profile to your brand website. Some web 2.0 websites worth considering include Alexa, AboutUs.org and Wikipedia among others. Keep in mind that these sites are good for brand building online but necessarily for boosting a website’s rank.

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