How do I get more site visits? How can I rank better on search engines? These are the two most frequently asked questions in the history of online marketing. Is there a simple and straightforward answer? Definitely!

Let’s face it: nobody likes to work hard. Whether we are trying to master a foreign language, lose weight, or get more business, we want simple solutions and we expect results fast. Preferably, tomorrow. This is what separates winners from losers. Winners simply have a little bit more patience and are willing to work for just a little bit longer to see results. If you have already worked hard for a while, why not make a final push… just to make your work pay off? This is the way winners think.

Creating valuable content and publishing it regularly on your website is hard work. But no matter what industry you work in, you have opinions and ideas. You can use them as inspiration for your content. Use relevant keywords in your text to make it easy for Google to index your site in the correct categories.

Take a Common Sense Approach

Let’s take a worst-case scenario. Assume that each new piece of content you write (article, case study, FAQs, etc.) drives only five targeted visits to your site each week. If you write 10 articles, that means you will get a minimum of 50 visits a week. Once you write an interesting piece of content, it stays there, continually driving traffic to your website. The more relevant and valuable the content, the bigger the chance a visitor will turn into a customer.

So, how much time would it take you to write one 500-word article? 30 minutes? Seems like a good deal to spend 30 minutes to attract five targeted visits, and the more you write, the more visits and conversions you get. With a bit of Facebook and Twitter promotion, you can really boost your results. Good articles can drive, on average, about 10 visits a week without any promotion. An interesting topic, title, and style can improve your results. It is a good idea to research keywords for your topic before you start writing.

Social Media Promotion

So what can you do, once the new article, FAQ, or news is published? Simply post a link directly to the new content on your business’ social profiles. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are the most popular networks, and you are bound to get some follows/likes and visits from your connections.

Make sure not to overdo social marketing. Pushing the same piece of content repeatedly will not improve your results; people will learn to ignore you. Only post links to interesting stuff, and don’t post the same links repeatedly. It takes a while to develop a good writing and marketing routine, but it is well worth the effort.