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Dealing with Difficult Clients in the SEO Industry

People all over the world are leaning more towards using search engines to get all the answers to their needs and wants, instead of traditional media or brick-and-mortar stores. Thus, businesses are learning that to thrive in this digital day and age, they need to employ the services of SEO specialists.

The increase in demand for […]

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The Start-up Guide to SEO for Businesses

Where do people go to when they want to learn about anything these days? They go online. How exactly do they find out about whatever it is they’re looking for? They use search engines.
Those answers should tell you everything as to why your business’ website needs SEO. SEO or search engine optimization essentially helps a […]

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On Quality Content and Link Building

Focusing on linkbuilding is one of the most significant features of superior SEO or Search Engine Optimization and getting higher rankings. Essentially, Google and Yahoo which are the major search engines suggest that you boost your status, internet presence and brand management by making more external and internal links.

While there are different link building strategies to […]

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URL Structure Optimization

Naming of your webpage URL is very important for search engine optimization. Search engines realize that the filename or path of a webpage is a good indicator of the theme for a particular page. The depth of pages is also taken into great consideration, a page which is located too far away from the root […]

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SEO Tips to Help You Rank Your Blog

If you have a website, you need to use SEO techniques to help it rank well on search results. It is a powerful tool although only a few know why. Understanding more about SEO will show you why it is a necessary expense when putting up a website or building a brand.
Why do you need […]

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Google Panda Data Refresh #24 Rolling Out

After almost 2 weeks of weird google ranking changes, google announced it now officially. Google has announced on their twitter account that there will be a new Google Panda Data refresh, making this version #24.

This data refresh has a noticeable impact 1.2% of English based queries according to Google.
New Panda data refresh rolling out today: 1.2% of English […]

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How SEO and Social Media Can Help Build Your Brand

A well-known trusted brand can be all a business will ever need to be successful. Once it penetrates the public consciousness, people will be more likely to purchase that business’ products or make use of its services. They will make the immediate association of quality whenever they see that brand, inspiring loyalty that will last […]

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Guest Blogging 101: A Quick Overview

Guest blogging involves creating a post on another publisher’s blog or website. It is often seen as one of best ways to build links and establish a voice in the community. There are many websites that encourage people to leave a guest post. Understanding how to create a great guest post is key to maximizing […]

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5 Simple Strategies to Keyword Research Success for Beginners

Keywords are part of the central elements in search engine optimization or SEO. Google, Yahoo, Bing, and the like will have a much easier time finding an article relevant to their users’ searches if it has the right keywords. The key then is finding out the right ones to use in order to stand out […]

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7 Ways to Use Your Images for Link Building

Images have played a great role on the web as this type of content have  added more value to the overall web user experience by enriching visual appeal of a web page. It also helps giving more definition to information you are trying to convey.

An image tells different stories and it stirs viewer’s emotions, which […]

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